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Alberto Pirni (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – Pisa)

La libertad del querer en perspectiva comunitaria 
Freedom of the Will in Communitarian Perspective

The main purpose of this conference is to develop some arguments devoted to the “rehabilitation” of the concept of community and its structural relevance within Kantian thought. In order to show that relevance, the text concentrates on the eighth paragraph of the first chapter of the Analytic of Pure Practical Reason, a passage that might appear to exclude any reference to the communitarian dimension. Starting with an analysis of the concepts of Wille and Willkür, my paper firstly distinguishes the different meanings attributed to the freedom of the will (§ 1). Secondly, it distinguishes a positive from a negative dimension of that freedom, referred both to as Wille and Willkür (§ 2). Finally, the development of this aspect leads to a rethinking of the internal dynamics of the entire faculty of the will starting from a communitarian perspective (§ 3), by redefining as an a priori figure the relationship between singular subject and multiplicity of subjects, which Kant considered to operate already in the inner forum of every single being capable of reason.

 Miércoles 26 de octubre. 15 – 17 hs. FFyL – UBA (Puan 480). Aula 108